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Before Getting a Loan, Ask Yourself These...
How much can you afford?
I Wanna
Buy a Car
Which Costs
My Down Payment Is
And Pay Instalments for
Equivalents to 0 Month
The Loan Type Is*
Fixed Rate
Offered Interest/Profit Rate Is*
For sharia financing, the term used is profit.
The loan type offered by bank to finance your car will be the 'Fixed Rate Loan'.
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For this car that I'll be taking...
loan calculator your monthly repayment hilman ahmad aan hamdani tornadobyte
Your Monthly Repayment
loan calculator your yearly commitment hilman ahmad aan hamdani tornadobyte
Your Yearly Commitment
loan calculator bank profit this much hilman ahmad aan hamdani tornadobyte
Bank Profits This Much
Example of Bad Loans :-(car-tornadobyte-kiraloan-hilman-ahmad-aan-hamdani-1
Taking loan & buying fancy item just to tell people 'I am successful'.
Buying things because you wanna be perceived in 'that' social status.
Buying property just because you see your friends already buying them.
Good Rules of Thumbhouse-tornadobyte-kiraloan-hilman-ahmad-aan-hamdani-1
Ideally, a house price should be 3-6 years worth of your salary.
Monthly home loan payments should not exceed 30% of your monthly income.
E.g. Monthly salary is MYR4,000 nett. Your maximum repayment should be MYR1,200. Not more than that!
For peace of mind, only buy a car that's 1 year worth of your salary.
People who hyped you for your cars won't help you with the car monthly instalments.
50% of your salary should be spent for life expenses.
The remaining should be split between savings and debt repayment (20%) and everything else that you might want (30%).
Let's make Malaysian youths more financially literate!
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